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Steve Cohen: Magician


Steve Cohen Chamber magic podcast

Steve Cohen is one of the most respected contemporary magicians in the world. But his success didn’t come without risks, both personal and financial.

In our conversation Cohen shares the secret behind succesfully launching his critically acclaimed show Chamber Magic, which recreates the intimacy of parlor magic that was popular in New York during the 20th century .

“Chamber Magic” is set in an elegant salon in the Lotte New York Palace hotel.

The show features conjuring, mind-reading, sleight of hand, and an astonishing trick called Think-A-Drink. A celebrity favorite, Cohen baffles his guests with magic up close as he recreates parlor entertainment that characterized Manhattan in the early 20th century.

Update: Steve Cohen’s Chamber Magic show will celebrate its 5,000th performance on Friday, October 6.

Steve Cohen

Show Notes
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Steve Cohen on The Late Show with David Letterman

Kenneth Brown: Playwright, Performer


Kenneth Brown
Kenneth Brown is one of Canada’s most prolific writers for the theatre. He’s performed at more Canadian Fringe Festivals than anyone. Kenneth and his work have traveled the world. He’s also spent 30 years teaching theatre at Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton.

In our conversation Kenneth refers to himself as a “mountebank insane poet.” His passion for theatre is infectious and he discusses the things that continue to drive his desire to create art that moves people.

We discuss Fringe Festivals and theatre as a creative spontaneous act. We also cover world travel, studying theatre at The National Theatre School with Colm Feore, Ann-Marie MacDonald & Judith Thompson, and the problematic relationships we have with our fathers.

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