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Brooke Johnson: Trudeau Stories

Brooke Johnson, Trudeau Stories

In 1985 Brooke Johnson met Pierre Elliott Trudeau at a gala event at the National Theatre School where she was an acting student.

It had been a year and a half since he’d stepped down as Prime Minister.

Brooke is an award winning actor who, when she was in her teens, launched her career by working as a production assistant at the Shaw Festival, often driving actors to and from Toronto.

Brooke has an expansive career, but I decided to focus our chat on her solo performance “Trudeau Stories.”

When she met Trudeau at the National Theatre School of Canada they shared a dance and their cheek to cheek moment sparked a relationship that lasted years. Brooke documented the relationship with Trudeau in a journal and in 2007 created the solo performance “Trudeau Stories” for Toronto’s SummerWorks Festival.

We talk about her time with Trudeau and how she developed the solo show.

Show Notes
“Trudeau Stories” on Amazon
“Trudeau Stories” Website
National Theatre School of Canada

Upcoming Performances
April 28-30th, 2016, The Rose Theatre, Brampton
January 10 -29, 2017, Great Canadian Theatre Company, Ottawa

Live From the Winnipeg Comedy Festival

Winnipeg Comedy Festival podcast, Ashley Moffatt, Dan Taylor, Adam Schwartz, Meghan Riley

This episode was recorded at before a live audience at The Winnipeg Comedy Festival.

My Guests
Ashley Moffatt – comedian, writer, and father figure to two small dogs.
Adam Schwartz – comedian, Fringe Festival performer and author of “I’ve got Aspergers, so I’m better than you.”
Dan Taylor – comedian and Pastor.
Meghan Riley – theatre geek and comedy nerd who In her spare time, works full-time as a litigator and raises two delightful little goofballs.

Get all the details about The Winnipeg Comedy Festival.

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