Gavin Crawford, Actor

Gavin Crawford is one of Canada’s most creative and exciting comedic performers.

Best know as the host of CBC Radio’s Saturday morning comedy news quiz “Because News,” Crawford was also a regular on CBC TV’s “This Hour Has Twenty Two Minutes.” Before that, he had his own show on The Comedy Network and was a member of the legendary improvisation company The Second City.

Crawford studied acting at the University of British Columbia and has appeared on stages throughout Canada, including several of Sky Gilbert’s plays at Toronto’s Buddies in Bad Times.

Regardless of the platform, Crawford’s unique sense of humour always shines brightly.

In January, Crawford stars in the one-person show “Fully Committed” at the Grand Theatre in London.

Time magazine called “Fully Committed” one of the ‘Top Ten Plays of 2000.’

In the podcast, you’ll learn about how Crawford prepares for his performance in which he plays 40 different characters.

And you won’t believe what Crawford said to Andrew Lloyd Webber when he was hosting the Canadian version of the reality show “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?,” which aired on CBC in the summer of 2008.

We also discuss the path he took after graduating from the University of British Columbia to join The Second City.