Kat Edmonson: Singer, Songwriter


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Kat Edmonson is a singer songwriter from Texas.

Her third album “The Big Picture” was just released and I spoke to Kat about her writing process.

She says she uses a variety of techniques including singing voicemails to herself, writing on receipts and endlessly researching the origin of words. She also told me that she finds it tough to write in a quiet room, preferring to be around busy people & sounds, which help her focus.

Kat used the crowd funding website Kickstarter to raise $54,000 to produce her second album, “Way Down Low.”

“Way Down Low” is one of my all-time favourites and when I first heard that Kat agreed to do my podcast I was over the moon. How often does anyone get to talk to someone who has created something so meaningful to their lives? That album of hers has coaxed tears from my eyes and helped me to discover joy in places I thought were desolate.

I was anxious.

So I was a bit anxious about meeting her.

Naturally Kat was a charming and willing participant in the interview, immediately putting me at ease.
Kat’s grace and calmness belie the complex path to her achievements, and in speaking with her it became clear that she’s destined to do even greater things.

In the podcast we discuss several songs, I’ve included them all in this Spotify playlist. Consider listening to the playlist prior to listening to the interview. You must have a Spotify account to listen.

Here’s the video to Kat’s song “Rainy Day Woman.”

Links from the podcast
Kat Edmonson.com
Jazz FM 91