Season 2
Launches Monday, October 6th

Some of Canada’s most successful creators got their start in London Ontario
Here are just a few I’ve interviewed who got their start at The Grand Theatre, Western University or elsewhere in the forest city.
They’ve all had international success.

• Tony award nominee Louise Pitre
• Playwright Peter Colley, whose plays have grossed over 40 Million dollars
• Drumming sensation Dale Anne Brendon

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Have you ever wanted to do something, but never got around to it?

• Do you have something to say but can’t find the time to get started!
• Do you wonder where successful creators find inspiration?

Listen and learn how some of the most successful creative people get their work done.

One thing successful people have in common is a support network. So that means spending time with family, friends or creative colleagues is essential. Then there are all the distractions that come with life: taxes, death and everything in between. After getting the groceries done, doing the laundry and falling into a rabbit hole of YouTube videos there’s little time to create

Plus, who can be creative without first cleaning up that messy bedroom.

Take a moment to listen to stories from people who succeed despite the tough times, naysayers and dream bashers who didn’t believe in them. YOU CAN SUCCEED TOO!


Neil Barclay – Actor The Shaw Festival
Maddy Costa – Writes about music and theatre for The Guardian.
Martha Chaves – Comedian, playwright, activist
Elyse Friedman – Author
Andrew Horwitz – Critic, curator, founder of Culturebot Arts & Media, Inc.
Dave Martin – Comedian, podcaster
Rick Miller – Writer. performer director, creator of the hit comedy show MacHomer.
Al Rae – Comedian, writer, CBC regular & Artistic Director Wpg Comedy Festival
Mark Rayner – Author
Steve Ross – Actor The Stratford Festival

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Thanks for spending some here time with me.

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