Alex Mustakas: Artistic Director

Alex MustakasAs Artistic Director of Drayton Entertainment, Alex Mustakas manages a multimillion dollar theatre empire, the third-largest professional summer theatre company in Canada, just after Stratford and Shaw.  Alex talks about some of the folks who inspired him during his high school days, at Kitchener’s Eastwood Collegiate institute, including John Kerr and George Joyce.

Alex’s father encouraged Alex to study business, but theatre was in Alex’s blood. His uncle Sotiris Moustakas, was one of the most celebrated Cypriot / Greek actors, breaking into the acting scene in the 1964 Oscar winning film “Zorba the Greek.”

As well as talking about how he squared his love of theatre with his father’s wishes, he shares Drayton’s philosophical approach to growing the business and the value of community theatre.

Alex also discusses his studies at Wilfrid Laurier University and City University, London and the experience of working with his family in Drayton’s production of “Mary Poppins”