Rick Miller Talks About Creativity at Unlondon


Rick Miller is an actor, comedian and playwright. Rick has performed in 5 languages on 5 continents.

Entertainment Weekly calls Rick Miller “one of the 100 most creative people alive today.”

Rick Miller Boom, Podcast, Unlondon
On Tuesday April 21, at 5pm, my podcast, The Inadequate Life, is presenting a FREE session with Rick Miller discussing the intersection of technology, innovation and the Arts.

Rick’s tour de force show “BOOM” is playing at The Grand Theatre in London, On. until May 2.

Rick is a frequent collaborator with renowned director Robert Lepage, and has worked with creative powerhouse Peter Gabriel.

Rick’s talk at 121 Studios will draw from a course he taught at the University of Toronto “The Architecture of Creativity.”

You = Creative Individual in Society

In the class Rick explored concepts of creativity and the role of the creative individual in society.

Rick has lectured all over the world and he emphasizes process over product, and the common architecture of the creative process behind theatre, music, cinema, fine/visual art and new media.

Attendance is limited so please register in advance on Eventbrite.

Join us for a great time exploring the arts. There wil be doorprizes from our sponsor Noteworthy Wines.
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Rick Miller at Unlondon details

Tuesday April 21
121 Studios, east of Talbot on Dundas

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