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Andrew Thomas: Principal at The Ticketing Institute

Andrew Thomas is a founder of the Ticketing Institute. In this interview he explains how he helps people improve audience development which leads to more new people attending more shows, more often.

Andrew is also the force behind the Ticketing Professionals Conference and a board member of the International Ticketing Association.

If you produce plays or any kind of show, you’ll enjoy this episode.

From the latest ticket selling API integrations on London’s West End to a fabulous ticketing tool that can save you thousands of dollars, this episode is all about ticketing! Can you tell I’m a bit of a ticket selling Nerd?

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The Ticketing Institute Website.
Ticketing Professionals Conference Excellent webinar series.
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Ken Davenport: Tony Award winning producer

Ken Davenport is a two-time Tony Award-winning producer. He’s also an innovative marketer.

Davenport says his parents, a doctor and a landscape designer, bestowed him with the discipline and creativity he’s leveraged to succeed on Broadway. In our conversation we go back to his early work and you’ll learn how he financed his first few shows. Equally revealing is how, despite limited resources, his marketing strategies built on the show’s success.

In his youth Davenport spent time at Radio Shack playing on computers; his passion and understanding of the digital sphere led to his unprecedented use of the internet, not just for marketing his shows, but also for the online community he’s built to inspire, and provide professional development, to emerging producers.

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Once on this Island


Podcast with Steffi DiDomenicantonio.
Steffi performed in the first national tours of Spring Awakening and currently appears in Come from Away in Toronto.
She shares the secret to her successful auditions for both shows.

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