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Live From the Winnipeg Comedy Festival

Winnipeg Comedy Festival podcast, Ashley Moffatt, Dan Taylor, Adam Schwartz, Meghan Riley

This episode was recorded at before a live audience at The Winnipeg Comedy Festival.

My Guests
Ashley Moffatt – comedian, writer, and father figure to two small dogs.
Adam Schwartz – comedian, Fringe Festival performer and author of “I’ve got Aspergers, so I’m better than you.”
Dan Taylor – comedian and Pastor.
Meghan Riley – theatre geek and comedy nerd who In her spare time, works full-time as a litigator and raises two delightful little goofballs.

Get all the details about The Winnipeg Comedy Festival.

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Winnipeg comedy festival podcast, meghan riley
Myself and Meghan Riley

My Random Shots
Pocdast Gang
A post-podcast selfie

Steve Patterson the debaters, winnipeg comedy festival
Steve Patterson

lara rae, winnipeg comedy festival
Lara Rae

Andy kindler, sean cullen, winnipeg comedy festival
Andy Kindler, Sean Cullen

Getting Ready for the CBC TV Gala

Ashley moffat, winnipeg comedy festival
Ashley Moffat killed it at a library show

I love the Old School ticket!

Krista Jackson: Actor, director


Krista Jackson, director, winnipeg

Krista Jackson left her Winnipeg home in her teens to study acting in Toronto, but after she found herself auditioning, with a dozen other young actresses, for a “Tide” laundry detergent commercial she quit that scene and returned the theatre community in Winnipeg.

These days she’s performing in Matt Murray’s “Myth of the Ostrich” directed by Heidi Malazdrewich at the MTC Warehouse. It runs March 9 – 26.

She’s the founder and Artistic Director of Zone 41 Theatre, a theatre company that produces classic texts that aren’t often performed in Winnipeg.

Krista recently directed “Fly Me to the Moon” at The Grand Theatre in London, Ontario.

In 2015 Krista worked as an associate director at The Stratford Festival, under John Caird. She admits “I was always a bit intimidated to direct Shakespeare,” and talks about how she “cracked open that world…of dense text.”

Show Notes
Matt Murray’s Myth of the Ostrich
directed By Heidi Malazdrewich at The Royal MTC Warehouse.
Martha Henry
Carolyn Gray
Arthur Miller’s All My Sons
Directed by Martha Henry at The Stratford Festival

Al Rae: Comedian, television writer and Artistic Director of the Winnipeg Comedy Festival


Al Rae podcast interview, yuk yuks, winnipeg comedy festival, al rae
Comedian, television writer and Artistic Director of the Winnipeg Comedy Festival Al Rae.

Al Rae’s family immigrated to Canada from Glasgow, Scotland when Al was a young boy.

At an early age he gravitated towards drugs & alcohol to deal with his mental health issues.

Al is a recovering alcoholic, who came out of the closet a few years ago, and we discuss how that has influenced his comedy.

Al & I discuss writing & performing comedy for the stage and TV. Al worked on a TV show
with David Steinberg, and Al does a great impersonation of Steinberg, on the set, calling for a lunch break.

He also mentions comedians who influenced him including Ronnie Corbett, Dave Alan, Tommy Smothers and Bob Newhart.

Finally, he mentions how the careers of Burroughs & Bukowski inspire him.

Don’t miss this podcast with one of the most successful guys on the Canadian comedy scene.

Show Notes
Winnipeg Comedy Festival
Yuk Yuks
George Westerholm
Little Mosque on the Prarie