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Ron James: Comedian

Ron James Interview, comedian

Ron James is one of the most successful comedians in Canada.

With a comedian’s eye for satire and a poet’s ear for language, Ron cuts a wide swath through contemporary culture making him a stand out amongst stand-ups.

His path to success includes improvising with Second City, a stint on a TV show in the U.S., and his own shows “Blackfly” and “The Ron James Show” in Canada. His annual New Year’s Eve special on CBC is a comedy tradition with over a million viewers from coast to coast.

Show Notes

Tour dates at RonJames.ca
Ron James on Facebook. One of the best Facebook pages from a Canadian comedian.
Ron James on YouTube
Ron James on Twitter
Ron James comedy special “The Big Picture” on iTunes
Shantero Productions
Ron James Comedy Giveaway

Martha Chaves: Comedian, Activist & Playwright

Comedian Martha Chaves has been headlining comedy clubs for over 20 years. The Nicaragua-born Canadian comedian is a regular on the CBC Radio show “Because News.”

She is also a keynote speaker using her poignant sense of humor to raise awareness about serious issues, including sexuality and oppression.

Martha has also used her way with words and unique perspective on politic to write plays

We discusses all of this and more.

Show Notes
Martha Chaves’ Website
Aluna Theatre
Alameda Theatre Company
Nobel Women’s Initiative
Because News at CBC Radio


Al Rae: Comedian, television writer and Artistic Director of the Winnipeg Comedy Festival


Al Rae podcast interview, yuk yuks, winnipeg comedy festival, al rae
Comedian, television writer and Artistic Director of the Winnipeg Comedy Festival Al Rae.

Al Rae’s family immigrated to Canada from Glasgow, Scotland when Al was a young boy.

At an early age he gravitated towards drugs & alcohol to deal with his mental health issues.

Al is a recovering alcoholic, who came out of the closet a few years ago, and we discuss how that has influenced his comedy.

Al & I discuss writing & performing comedy for the stage and TV. Al worked on a TV show
with David Steinberg, and Al does a great impersonation of Steinberg, on the set, calling for a lunch break.

He also mentions comedians who influenced him including Ronnie Corbett, Dave Alan, Tommy Smothers and Bob Newhart.

Finally, he mentions how the careers of Burroughs & Bukowski inspire him.

Don’t miss this podcast with one of the most successful guys on the Canadian comedy scene.

Show Notes
Winnipeg Comedy Festival
Yuk Yuks
George Westerholm
Little Mosque on the Prarie